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The Hooters effect: How good-looking waitresses sway our taste buds

New NeuroMarketing The Hooters Effect

From Marylou’s Coffee to Hooters – many food and restaurant concepts have the above-average looks of the serving staff engrained deeply within their brand DNA.

But does it actually work? Do we truly enjoy our food better when it’s handed to us by someone standing high on the attractiveness ladder?

A recent psychological research program – counting an impressive amount of 5 studies –dived into this very question. The researchers investigated in what ways waitresses’ attractiveness spills over into taste expectations and enjoyment.

Their results may surprise you.

‘Limited Edition’ or ‘Best Seller’? Avoid painful mistakes in persuasion attempts

New Neuromarketing Limited Edition or Best Seller

Both ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Best Seller’ labels might persuade consumers to purchase your product. Would you be able to pick the most effective from either of these?

Many companies actively engage in persuasion these days, only just a few are confident about who they’re targeting with what cue. This article will help you differentiate between two customer segments, to target them with the most effective persuasion cues.

A different – and more effective – way to use discounts

A different – and more effective – way to use discounts

Would you rather have a 10% chance to get your product for free or a fixed 10% discount? And what does your customer prefer? Mazar, Shampanier & Ariely (2017) decided to investigate the attractiveness of this probabilistic free price promotions. Find out how to use the Las Vegas Gamble discount in your advantage!

Men Beware: The Abercrombie & Fitch Effect

Men Beware: The Abercrombie & Fitch Effect

Have you ever dared to walk into an Abercrombie & Fitch store? Then the memory of the many muscled six-pack wielding employees probably hasn’t vanished from your mind. The brand seems to be built around the young and fit male employees who guide the customer towards a – likely – pricey fashion investment.

Does this strategy work? Does the sight of bulging biceps, tall v-tapered physiques, and chiseled jawlines truly make the average Joe reach deeper into his wallet? Let’s find out – because science has found an answer.

When Brand Names Are All That Matters

When Brand Names Are All That Matters

We all know that one friend who wants to have luxury products so bad, they don’t spend too much time thinking whether they actually need the product or if it is of good quality. They just want to have it, no matter what!

Other people are completely insensitive to luxurious brands. They explain that they can buy high quality products from cheaper brands, too.

These are examples of two groups of people. What drives their behaviour? Neuromarketing has the answers.

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