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The Secret of Effective QR Code Call to Actions

The Secret of Effective QR Code Call to Actions

Imagine that you are on the bus, on your way to work. You’re bored, waiting to arrive at your destination. When you look up, your eyes fall on several ads placed on the bus. They include texts and logos and are screaming for your attention. You see one that includes a QR code. Now think of this - what would make you want to grab your phone and scan the QR code?

There could be several reasons. However, think of this subject from a marketer’s perspective. How can you make people scan your QR code and draw them to your online environment? And accordingly, make them interact with your website? Let’s find out!

The Positive Side of Negative Branding

The Positive Side of Negative Branding

When Negative Branding works

''Read this, you loser..''

Quiz time! What do Weekend Offender, Gucci Guilty, Monster Energy, Fresh Ego Kid, Arrogant Bastard Ale, Dior Sauvage have in common? 

That’s right: these are all brand or product names with a negative, dark or unpleasant connotation. Terms like offender, monster, and bastard are all related to negative concepts in our brains.

But did you know that this type of “negative” branding can lead to the most positive outcomes? Recent research shows that negative branding can make brands more appealing to members of the target audience, and increases their willingness to pay.

In this blog, you’ll learn why and when negative branding works, so you can use it to your advantage.

Are you ready to discover the bright side of negative branding? Just keep reading!

Increase Future Sales By Making Customers Think About The Past

Increase Future Sales By Making Customers Think About The Past

Imagine walking through the electronics store looking for a new coffee machine. Suddenly you hear a familiar melody echoing through the shopping corridors. It happens to be that one song you played over and over again back in high school. Overwhelmed by nostalgic feelings, you continue your search for that coffee machine and you notice two offers. One is the store's #1 best-selling coffee machine, while the other is a limited edition machine with unique features. What do you do? Will those nostalgic feelings affect your choice? 

A new neuromarketing insight suggests that nostalgia undoubtedly affects the choices we make by influencing our tendency to either conform to or deviate from the group, which is moderated by the existing social ties between the consumer and others.

Are you curious to know which coffee machine you would prefer? Keep on reading! 

Select Fonts Wisely And Increase Your Advertising Success

Select Fonts Wisely And Increase Your Advertising Success

As retailers are always driven to increase sales and purchase intentions, they often rely on promotions. Consequently, we are exposed to attractive offers all the time. But how can you make sure that these promotional offers are really effective in increasing advertising success?

Well, if you're a fan of italicized or slanted fonts, you might want to read this. A recent study has demonstrated that even the selected font style has a considerable impact on consumers' purchase decisions. 

Continue reading and find out when we tend to fall for promotional offers!

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