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What is neuromarketing?

Chances are you’ve come across the term neuromarketing many times by now. Maybe you heard about people conducting research to analyze what makes an advertisement successful, or that some companies like to use techniques to make you subconsciously buy a bunch of things you don’t need.

Let’s take some time to focus on what neuromarketing really is, how it’s used by companies, and the impact it has on the field of marketing. Neuromarketing as a term was first introduced in 2002, but interest in the human brain for marketing purposes was already present in 1900.

It was around this time that researchers working for companies like Coca Cola investigated neural activity and analyzed brain scans when consumers viewed advertisements or interacted with products.

The promise of having a look inside people’s brain to see what makes them buy was, and still is, a highly desired prospect for researchers and marketers alike. But what is neuromarketing exactly?

8 Great Unpublished Neuromarketing Facts of 2016

8 Great Unpublished Neuromarketing Facts of 2016

The wonderful world of science keeps surprising us. Each month, numerous and diverse interesting ‘did-you-know-that’ insights are published.

We stroll through every marketing, neuroscience and behavioral science journal for the best facts and straight-forward applications. However, as there’s so much worthwhile going on in the large field of science, not every article makes it to NewNeuroMarketing.

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