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The Top 8 Marketing Psychology Podcasts (updated 2020)

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Reading books and online articles or attending conventions are a fundamental way of keeping your knowledge up to date. To stay on top of your game. But when do we – us busy human beings – find the time to sit down and just read a book? Or an article? Our lifestyle has changed so much that we hardly have any time left. But luckily for us, there are podcasts! With a simple press of the play button it is very easy to stay informed while you are for example driving to your next appointment or when you are in the gym.

Nowadays, psychology is widely used in marketing. However, the insights within this industry continue to develop fast. Every day, new research is published. So, if you want to keep on top of all the new insights – and keep it simple - you definitely have to listen to marketing psychology podcasts!

But there is one thing we’ve came to notice. Finding podcasts about psychology as a whole is easy. However, finding podcasts that specifically deal with the use of psychology in the context of marketing seem harder to find. That’s why we love to share our favorite podcasts with you! Discover the eight podcasts that you definitely have to add to your still-to-listen list!

The 8 - Sometimes Hidden - Gems Among the Marketing Psychology Podcasts


  1. Hidden Brain

With over two million downloads per week, Hidden Brain is a very beloved podcast among podcast freaks. Host Shankar Vedantam tells you all about our unconscious mind. And how it drives human behavior. What are our blind spots? How come that no-one feels rich? The unconscious brain shapes our choices and relationships in more ways than we might think. Even though this podcast has less to do with marketing, this not so hidden gem is really worth listening to if you are into psychology!



  1. You Are Not So Smart

Just as the previous podcast, this one also puts more emphasis on psychology rather than marketing. But it’s too good not to mention! ‘The central theme of You Are Not So Smart is that you are unaware of how unaware you are’, as David McRaney puts it himself. Listening to episodes will let you embark on a fun and exciting journey into discovering the world of self-delusion. It will become clear that we not only have an unwarranted confidence in our perception. Also our motivation and behavior are not really trustworthy. Do you want to become more aware? Then it’s certainly worthwhile to jump on this psychological train. Bon voyage!



  1. Arming the Donkeys 

And now you may think, why on earth does this podcast title refers to donkeys? Well, behavioral expert Ariely is of the opinion that we – humans – have more in common with donkeys than we might think. We both are stubborn and not too smart. But all that aside, each podcast Ariely engages in rather relaxed chats with researchers in social sciences. So, if you want to indulge yourself in interesting topics such as unconscious decision-making, human irrationality, and other fun psychological effects, this podcast is definitely worth listening to. With its short episodes and casual approach, it is the perfect fit when your brain already worked overtime!



  1. Nir and Far: Business, Behaviour and the Brain

Bestselling author Nir Eyal understands as no other how behavioral change can be designed. The episodes are a sweet mix of behavioral economics, user experience and business-related topics. Spiced up with a pinch of neuroscience. His specialty? How to build habit forming products that are also beneficial for the user. Each episode Nir gets straight to the point and breaks sometimes hard to understand research down into easy chunks of information. How could it be otherwise in the only 9-minute episodes! If you are looking for a podcast to still your psychological marketing appetite, Nir is the way to go!



  1. The Brainy Business

This podcast truly focuses on behavioral economics. Its episodes are packed with the real fundamentals of economic psychology. After listening, you will know all the ins and outs of why people buy. And how you can persuade them when they don’t. Learn about priming, nudging, Cialdini’s principles, and much more. This podcast is definitely the way to go if you are fairly new in this industry, or when you just want to refresh your memory!



  1.  O Behave

O Behave is a podcast which is produced by the Ogilvy’s department of behavioral science practice. It not only covers topics on how to use psychology in marketing, but also how to use psychology to solve societal problems. From sound branding to how to make people stand left on the escalator. It’s all reviewed! Even though the audio is a little bit poor at times, the content is really worth listening to.



  1. Copy that pops

If you are more into (persuasive) copywriting, then this podcast is made for you. It is a sweet mix of the art of writing, psychology, and business success. ‘Laptop Laura’ loves to give tips on how to upgrade your writing using psychology. Before you know it, you are the number one bestseller on Amazon! And it will amaze you how easy it is. So, if you want to take up that pen and work the magic, then this podcast is a must!



  1. Brainfluence 

Every week, the somewhat raspy voice of Roger Dooley guides you through trending neuro-marketing topics. Being an author himself – of the book ‘100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuro-marketing’ - has made him dive into research about the effects of the use of psychology in marketing contexts. Each episode Dooley welcomes world’s best experts in the field of influence, persuasion, and psychology. But that’s not all! After listening, you are armed with easy and quick to use tactics!



We hope this list of podcasts will provide you with hours and hours of listening enjoyment. And of course will help you to stay up to date in the ever-changing world of marketing psychology and neuromarketing. However, we are happy to announce that New Neuromarketing will soon broadcast its very own neuromarketing podcast! We are very excited and we hope you will tune in soon!

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  • The Top 8 Marketing Psychology Podcasts (updated 2020)

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