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A New Excuse To Use When You Order Fast Food

A New Excuse To Use When You Order Fast Food

Have you ever been to a pub with the intention of doing just a few drinks and going home early, only to stay until closing time? A lot of people probably have. If you are one of them, have you ever wondered why you've indulged yourself much more than intended? There are several excuses you could tell yourself to justify staying longer than you should have. Maybe it was a really good night out and it would have been a shame to miss it. Maybe the DJ was playing your favorite music. Or maybe you're just bad at planning.


A less common excuse is the dim lighting in the pub. Few people will believe you if you tell them that your hangover is caused by the lighting in the pub. However, research has indicated that this may have a significant effect on your night out after all. It turns out that the amount of light does more than just setting the atmosphere.

How Wisdom Of Crowds Can Boost Your Sales

How Wisdom Of Crowds Can Boost Your Sales

In the modern world, we hear a lot about crowdfunding: it helps small and medium companies to generate a budget for their products and achieve popularity by promoting it via various Kickstarter-alike platforms. But what about crowdsourcing? While crowdfunding assists in gathering money for projects, crowdsourcing helps with getting consumer-derived ideas for new products. People tend to reject the practice of crowdsourcing, considering it as less effective. Judge the numbers: 9.65 million of Google search results for “crowdsourcing” versus 36.3 million for “crowdfunding” – demand creates supply, and the “shortage” for “crowdsourcing” says a lot.

Crowdsourcing becomes more interesting if it can also bring financial benefits and boost your sales. How? By applying it wisely, of course.

What sells better - something free or something off?

What sells better - something free or something off?

2 euros off or a complementary recipe book?

Price-based incentives remain one of the most common types of sales promotion. However, non-monetary incentives have become increasingly more common. Non-monetary incentives mean that consumers receive a free gift (premium) with a purchase of a product. A good example is McDonalds’s Happy Meal, which comes with a free toy.

So what do consumers prefer? 2 euros off or a complementary recipe book? A recent study looked at the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) retail sector to explain why price cuts are superior to premiums.

5 Best NeuroMarketing Insights You Might Have Missed - First Half Of 2018

New Neuromarketing Overview 2018

Are you up to date?

Knowledge is expanding faster and faster nowadays, it’s said to double every 12 hours! This means that there’s a lot of neuromarketing facts including new tips and tricks you might have missed. The past half year, there have been articles on dominance, packaging, the prediction of Tinder dates, pricing green products, and sound/smell in stores and ads. We summarized the main findings below. Sit back in your beach chair and get ready for some new inspiration!

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