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The 5 Best Neuromarketing Insights of 2020

The 5 Best Neuromarketing Insights of 2020

With knowledge expanding increasingly fast these days it might be hard to keep track of what is new and happening in Neuromarketing. We try to review new articles weekly in order to keep you up to date on what is new.

To give you an overview of Neuromarketing insights in 2020, we’ve selected the articles that you guys found most interesting and were read the most. These are the 5 best Neuromarketing insights of 2020!

Does Product Package Shape Equal Brand Status?

Does Product Package Shape Equal Brand Status?

How do you judge a person's status? Do you look at his or her clothes? Or their possessions?

According to the Shape-SES theory, most people tend to infer a person's socioeconomic status from his or her body shape. And this turns out to be the case for products and their shapes as well! 

So, what kind of package shape do you think of as luxurious? Or what would you describe as a high-status product?

A recently published paper suggests that packaging shape affects how we categorize products and judge brands' status. 

Do you want to learn more about how product packaging is used to position a brand in the consumer's mind? Continue reading!

Words With Warmth and More: The ‘In-out Effect’ in (Service) Marketing

Words With Warmth and More: The ‘In-out Effect’ in (Service) Marketing

Did you know there's a hidden route to consumer preference? A recent study has demonstrated that even the most subtle features of a brand name, such as the mere pronounceability of words, affect consumer attitudes. By choosing a favorable brand name, consumers' attitudes towards your product or brand might improve. But how to come up with such a brand name? 

Every word requires specific movements of the lip, tongue, and throat muscles. Changing any movement can distort the whole name. For example, try articulating ''L'' without moving your tongue. Pointless! Movements on specific locations within the mouth are necessary to articulate consonants. Some consonants are pronounced in the back of the mouth, some in the middle, and some at the front, resulting in either inward-wandering or outward-wandering words. Research has now demonstrated that this direction of the movements in articulating consecutive consonants has a considerable impact on consumer preference. Also called the 'in-out effect'. 

Do you want to know more about the in-out effect and how to come up with a favorable brand name? Continue reading! 


Want To Involve A Celebrity In Your Campaign? This Is Your Best Bet

Want To Involve A Celebrity In Your Campaign? This Is Your Best Bet

What brand do you think of when you hear ‘George Clooney’? And ‘Michael Jordan’?

Exactly, Nespresso and Nike! These are both brands that have successfully implemented celebrity branding.

Many organizations use this type of advertising. But does every celebrity endorsement work for every product or brand?

You might have already guessed correctly: no. Well then, what makes it effective? Does the celebrity simply have to be attractive? Match the product? Have a good public image?

Over fifty years of research on celebrity endorsements has tried to explain this. Recently, two researchers proposed a framework that structures these theories. It explains which strategy is valuable for you, based on your product’s or brand’s value proposition. Curious? Let’s dive into it!

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