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How to unlock Gen-Z's Buying Potential using emojis

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  • Neuromarketing Principle:
    Studying the relationship between emojis and effectiveness of marketing communications
  • Application:
    Adding emojis to your marketing strategy will increase conversion
  • Emojis have taken over how the world communicates online. From social media platforms to text messages, emojis have become an integral part of our daily communication. These little expressive icons have taken over our digital conversations. They add a splash of color, humor and personality to our messages making them more engaging and relatable. It’s amazing how a simple string of symbols can convey emotions and ideas, with just a touch of playfulness. 


    Why emojis work

    Before the pandemic, companies hopped on the emoji bandwagon in their marketing to make their brand feel more human and get an emotional reaction from you. And you know what? It turns out they were onto something! Researchers have found evidence that emojis make you feel happier and you are more likely to buy from a brand who uses them on their social media📈. Especially when it comes to fun products, emojis make ads work better and get more clicks. And you know what is even more interesting? Women are more likely to buy things when they see emojis compared to men! 🚺

    This is great news if you have already added emojis to your social media strategy - if you haven't - you are clearly missing out. Run back and add in a sprinkle of emojis next time you post on Instagram or send out an email campaign. Researchers found that emojis can boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and if you’re selling something practical like a useful product or service, using emojis will increase your Click-Through Rate. And if your product or service is all about enjoyment, emojis will have a massive impact on your ROAS and overall campaign effectiveness.

    The importance of identifying your audience

    While this study does highlight how emojis can really be used to boost conversion rates. The study’s results focus specifically on Gen-Z females and selling fun products on social media. The use of Emojis in your marketing strategy may vary depending on the target audience and the platform you are using. Imagine you’re running a campaign for an online brand that sells trendy clothes and accessories. You’ve identified your target audience consists mainly of young females who are fashion-forward and love expressing themselves through social media. Now, here is where

    emojis come in. By strategically incorporating emojis into your campaign such as in your Instagram posts, emails and even in your website’s product descriptions, you can create a visual and engaging experience for your audience. Let’s say you feature a new collection of summer dresses in a post - by adding emojis like the sun, a cocktail and a heart, you’re instantly conveying the message of sunny vibes, fun and love for the dresses❤️☀️🍸. This visual impact resonates with your audience, capturing their attention and making them more likely to click, browse and ultimately make a purchase. 

    Take- Home Points:

    1. Incorporating emojis into your marketing strategy can make your brand feel more
      relatable and human, engage your audience and ultimately lead to higher conversion
    2. If you’re selling fun products, emojis can work wonders for your ads, increasing
      click-through rates and overall campaign effectiveness. Keep in mind that women are
      particularly responsive to emojis compared to men.
    3. It is important to adapt your emoji usage to match your specific target audience, the
      campaign platform and the product/service on offer. Consider the demographics,
      interests and communication preferences of your audience when incorporating emojis
      into your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.


  • How to unlock Gen-Z's Buying Potential using emojis
  • Reference:

    Mladenović, D., Koštiál, K., Ljepava, N., Částek, O., & Chawla, Y. (2023). Emojis to conversion on social media. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 47(3), 977-994.

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