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Camelia Popescu

Camelia Popescu

Writing comes easy to me and I particularly enjoy condensating research findings into easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply tactics that give results.

As a marketing specialist and business consultant in Perth Western Australia, my vision and daily practices involve guiding business owners through the challenge of building a successful enterprise and become market leaders in their industry. My weekly newsletters help them understand their customers and make the best decisions with their marketing strategies.

Writing for NNM and addressing the fellow marketeer community is a different kind of endeavour which I really welcome and enjoy. After seven years of teaching at tertiary level on marketing, consumer behaviour and behaviour change for sustainability, I constantly keep myself updated on the latest research in the field, neuromarketing being one of the most interesting areas to explore and apply in real situations.

My passion for the written word has not faded away since graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications in the late ‘90s back home, in Romania. With a Master of Business specialsing in Marketing at Notre Dame University and four degrees in sustainability and training, I’ve been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses with their branding and marketing for twenty years since I’ve called Australia home. This work experience dictates every piece of content I produce, so that it makes sense from both a principle and practical application point of view.

Looking forward to exploring the latest research in neuromarketing with the NNM community and share my views and knowledge in interesting and useful articles.

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Do You Think You’re Funny? Try Being Clever Instead and Watch Your Customers Fall in Love With Your Brand

Do You Think You’re Funny? Try Being Clever Instead and Watch Your Customers Fall in Love With Your Brand

What is the absolute dream of a brand struggling with a dwindling consumer base? Waking up to find out their demand has suddenly gone through the roof and the biggest problem is not being able to keep up with production!

That’s what happened to the confectionary brand MoonPie when they changed marketing tactics in 2017. Was it their product? Their distribution or sales promotion that they’ve changed?

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