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Renee Göbbels

Renee Göbbels

After studying Psychology and Economics and Business Economics at Utrecht University, I got my Master’s degree in Economic and Consumer Psychology at Leiden University.

I am passionate about decision making and marketing psychology, so I am eager to find out more when reading and writing for NewNeuromarketing!

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Want To Involve A Celebrity In Your Campaign? This Is Your Best Bet

Want To Involve A Celebrity In Your Campaign? This Is Your Best Bet

What brand do you think of when you hear ‘George Clooney’? And ‘Michael Jordan’?

Exactly, Nespresso and Nike! These are both brands that have successfully implemented celebrity branding.

Many organizations use this type of advertising. But does every celebrity endorsement work for every product or brand?

You might have already guessed correctly: no. Well then, what makes it effective? Does the celebrity simply have to be attractive? Match the product? Have a good public image?

Over fifty years of research on celebrity endorsements has tried to explain this. Recently, two researchers proposed a framework that structures these theories. It explains which strategy is valuable for you, based on your product’s or brand’s value proposition. Curious? Let’s dive into it!

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