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Patrick Wessels

Patrick Wessels

Patrick got his bachelor degree in International Business & Management at Maastricht University. He specialized in consumer behavior during his master studies Economic & Consumer Psychology at Leiden University. Currently, he works as an copywriter/ SEO expert and likes to enrich marketing strategies with consumer psychology.

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‘Limited Edition’ or ‘Best Seller’? Avoid painful mistakes in persuasion attempts

New Neuromarketing Limited Edition or Best Seller

Both ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Best Seller’ labels might persuade consumers to purchase your product. Would you be able to pick the most effective from either of these?

Many companies actively engage in persuasion these days, only just a few are confident about who they’re targeting with what cue. This article will help you differentiate between two customer segments, to target them with the most effective persuasion cues.

Become More Persuasive with This Fundamental Human Urge

Become More Persuasive with This Fundamental Human Urge

Observing others’ emotional conflict and agony over an impending decision makes our preferences converge to those of the conflicted actor. We choose more similarly, based on our empathy and shared feelings for the other we observe. This has implications for both consumer behavior in a marketing environment and group decision making.

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