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Maria Drobovtseva

"I am fascinated by the behavior of crowds of people. My Bachelor’s in Psychology and Masters’ in Applied Social Psychology (Higher School of Economics) and Economic Psychology (Tilburg University) put me on a path towards mastering this art, while working as a sales coordinator and marketeer allowed me to bring it into shape. 
So many things about people make me curious! From the effect of group belongingness on purchasing decisions to practical techniques aimed at increasing sales and conversions, I want to know it all and share this knowledge with other interested people. I would like to contribute to the development of a community of (neuro)marketing specialists driven by data and science."

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Love is…: Why We Love the Brands We Use Together

Love is…: Why We Love the Brands We Use Together

Every day, companies and brands vie for the attention of consumers. Through a consumer’s interaction with a brand’s product, this brand wants to become an inseparable part of the consumer’s life.

But should brands focus on the individual consumer? What if a brand can become an inseparable part of the consumer’s relationships – for example, with a spouse? It appeared that brands can benefit from focusing on couples and their shared usage of brands’ products through becoming a significant part of their shared identity narrative.

How Wisdom Of Crowds Can Boost Your Sales

How Wisdom Of Crowds Can Boost Your Sales

In the modern world, we hear a lot about crowdfunding: it helps small and medium companies to generate a budget for their products and achieve popularity by promoting it via various Kickstarter-alike platforms. But what about crowdsourcing? While crowdfunding assists in gathering money for projects, crowdsourcing helps with getting consumer-derived ideas for new products. People tend to reject the practice of crowdsourcing, considering it as less effective. Judge the numbers: 9.65 million of Google search results for “crowdsourcing” versus 36.3 million for “crowdfunding” – demand creates supply, and the “shortage” for “crowdsourcing” says a lot.

Crowdsourcing becomes more interesting if it can also bring financial benefits and boost your sales. How? By applying it wisely, of course.

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