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Marcello Pasqualucci

Marcello Pasqualucci

Optimisation is a way of life.

I've been doing Conversion Rate Optimisation on landing pages, full websites and checkout processes for the past 4 years and I am still surprised when I find new ideas and techniques to apply for our clients.

A deep understanding of Neuromarketing, to which I dedicate a few hours each day to study cognitive bias and the human psyche, paired with my love for Math and formulas it helped me deliver great results for our clients on a daily basis, while facilitating the creation of the right type of work process for our teams.

I also have a great understanding of Google Analytics (Certified user) , MixPanel and other similar tools, plus years of hand-on experience with Optimizely and VWO .

Marketing-wise, I've been doing Performance Content Marketing for our products for over 4 years in over 8 markets, with direct relationships with all content networks online, international and non.
I find it amazing how much you can do applying simple rules, like AIDA, when building content, or changing the user value and behaviour while using the right wording and anchoring.

Add to all of this years of experience in Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and you'll have a better picture of what I do.

Currently I hold a position as Lead Optimisation Strategist at HSBC.

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How influencing Maximisers can also convert Satisficers

How influencing Maximisers can also convert Satisficers

I Love cooking!

I literally spend hours in the kitchen every weekend preparing meals for my wife and kids;
and there is nothing more rewarding than watching them enjoy the meal so much that they ask for more.

I am not a chef, but there is one essential thing in cooking: high quality ingredients are necessary to bring out the authentic flavours of any dish.

So, what does my cooking have to do with neuromarketing? Well, everything!
More than the cooking itself; the connection lies in how my wife and I shop and pick items when we want to prepare a meal.

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